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Phoenix. 1,005 miles in about 15 hours of windshield time. I was feeling pretty good (and still do) so I passed up staying in Tucson. This whole “we’re normally on mountain time, but we don’t do daylight savings so we’re on the same time as California” is silly. I should go over to Scottsdale and […]

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Harbor Freight solar

19 hours to go before I hit the road! I had abandoned my solar project because I was concerned with the cost and time, today I suddenly revived it. While I was picking up shipping blankets today at Harbor Freight, I saw they had a 45 watt solar kit for $250!@#$@ It had three 15 […]

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Burning Man prep

I made a quick weekend trip to Oklahoma to visit the parents. It was hotter and more meh than Texas, somewhere I have a photo of my thermometer reading 42 C (107 F). While I was up there I took advantage of the welder and built my brackets for the jerry cans. Finally got my […]

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BM is on

I so brought it. 12:55PM <raptor> I dreamed this morning I was setting up my tent and forgot a bunch of shit, like water bottles 12:55PM <raptor> I tasted the playa in my sleep 12:55PM <alex> Until it starts happening to you, there’s really no point in discussing it. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2006 12:12:21 […]

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