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Harbor Freight solar

19 hours to go before I hit the road! I had abandoned my solar project because I was concerned with the cost and time, today I suddenly revived it. While I was picking up shipping blankets today at Harbor Freight, I saw they had a 45 watt solar kit for $250!@#$@ It had three 15 W panels, a voltage regulator, 12 V florescent lights, and all the wiring. Can’t beat that.

I hooked it up this afternoon, in full sun the panels were putting out 22 V at 3.5 amp. Not too shoddy for the money spent; I should be easily able to run two fans and still have juice to charge the battery. I went out to Academy and bought the biggest deep cycle battery they had. The whole kit is sitting out on the lawn charging, waiting to see if it bursts into flames. I have my doubts about their charge controller, so I bought a small backup to use in case it does fry itself.

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