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Phoenix. 1,005 miles in about 15 hours of windshield time. I was feeling pretty good (and still do) so I passed up staying in Tucson. This whole “we’re normally on mountain time, but we don’t do daylight savings so we’re on the same time as California” is silly. I should go over to Scottsdale and find me a hot trophy blonde to take home.

The Bearcat has been handy, it’s nice having Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona law enforcement frequencies already programmed. The Beartracker thing is minimally useful, it was really hit and miss, however I did hear some highway patrol (mostly NM and AZ) giving out their positions after stops. That, combined with the CB gave a fairly good lookout. I bought a fiberglass 5/8 wavelength antenna at a truckstop, it’s ridiculously huge compared to the whip I had and totally beats up the spring coil.

While scanning I heard a few amusing stories, one was three trucks hauling some furniture around and people were apparently shooting fireworks out the window as they were going down the interstate. Another was finding some drunk guy with a cane near the VFW. The other one sounded like a tow truck (that I had just saw 15 minutes prior) had gotten hit and the other driver fled.

Since I’m in Phoenix, that should cut off about two hours of my trip. Tomorrow is going to be about 784 miles in 11-12 hours. Since I want to arrive after midnight, that’ll give me a chance to sleep in a bit and do some shopping.

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