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PNW darkness

I gotta move.  The winter solstice was yesterday and the sun just set behind the trees at 3:47 PM. It doesn’t help that Redmond is in a valley so it sets early. I made the 405 – 90 – Seattle – 520 – Redmond loop this afternoon to soak in the sun while it was […]

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Redmond weather

The changing season and weather here has been a trip.  For the first month or two here, it was partially cloudy, but still quite a bit of sun.  Even though it’s sunny, being outside has always felt weird. It took me a while to realize that because the sun is so low on the horizon, […]

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The future

The other night I was driving home and in some random apartment window I see two girls with a baby. One was holding/rocking it while she was talking to the other girl.  It made me think that’s a lifetime memory in the making that will be forever repeated to the child. “Oh I remember how […]

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1 week: Redmond vs Austin

It’s been a full week since I moved into my own apartment. It’s starting to feel more like I’m grounded now instead of being on four vacations for the past five weeks. Pretty much everything is put away or tossed in the bed-less bedroom. I’m trying hard not to buy all new furnishings from IKEA, […]

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Homeless no more!

I finally found & leased an apartment yesterday! It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, located in a mid-rise building in downtown Redmond. It’s a corner unit on the second floor, one side overlooks the courtyard and the other overlooks the street.  I originally went to look at a 1 bedroom, which I didn’t like because […]

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Redmond limbo

After my great journey I arrived in Redmond Saturday-before-last (18th). Saturday night was a nifty welcome-to-the-PNW get-together  at Coppola-Leigh. Sunday I rented a storage unit and unloaded all my belongings. Thanks to Alex & Victoria for coming to help unload awesome heavy couch and the rest of my boxes!  I’ve taken residence in the dining […]

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