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I hate oxygen sensors

My truck hates me. 2000 miles after I replaced the water pump, I learned I’m still losing coolant. After nearly a year, I finally got around to replacing the O2 sensors that were throwing a OBD-II code. One sensor was the shittiest shit to be ever shat in terms of getting a wrench to, even […]

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Sad water pump

Things in my life that require cooling aren’t having a very good month. First my MBP fans break, now the water pump went out in my truck (so I think). Coming back from San Antonio yesterday, the engine was running a couple marks hotter than usual. As I went to Rob’s later that night the […]

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Fun with radio

I spent some time today tracking down RFI in my truck that appears when I’m listening to 6-80 meters. I re-mounted my HF antenna, fixed some annoying problems and installed a line noise filter. The good news is, the line filter killed the majority of the noise I get when the truck ignition is in […]

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Yaesu VX-7R

I got my Yaesu VX-7R today. Rigged up with the 50 MHz extension, I was flipping through the shortwave radio stations from my apartment. I managed to pick up Radio Nederland (very faint), Radio Italia, China Radio International, and some French station. Went outside and picked up 5-6 stations really clear. So awesome, it was […]

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No more Giardia

My symptoms finally cleared up, so I’m either rid of the parasites or they’ve gone dormant and are waiting to strike me down again when I’m least expecting it. I lost five pounds in three days and have kept it off, yay for the parasite weight loss plan. I bought a toolbox for my truck. […]

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I hate alternator whine

Two battery side-post extensions that were too long, bolt cutters and file later, I have solved nothing. I still have alternator whine in my radio. I’m going to have to try moving my positve lead from the accessory bus to the battery directly. Later… I redid the positive side. It’s a big improvement, but not […]

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