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H&K USP .40

I fired a Glock 23 last night and a HK USP .40 today. I really liked the feel of the Glock, the levers and whatnot were accessible and didn’t require a lot of force. Glocks are also relatively cheap, a used 22 or 23 could be had for $450 or so. Unfortunately the lack of an external safety makes me a bit nervous on the Glock. I like how I can just pull it out and go to work, but I feel like I’m going to snag it on something and shoot myself in the leg. Maybe I’m just Glock ignorant.

Anyways, I wound up buying a HK USP .40 It was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I’m very comfortable with its operation. Get a Cabella’s Visa this weekend, save $100 on it, bonus! I must not have been paying attention when it happened, but there’s no waiting period on handguns anymore. I cleared the federal background check and had my gun within a few minutes.

I love Wal-mart. I purchased 100 rounds of .40 S&W for $16. Most places sell 50 rounds for $13-$15. Then my luck ran out. After I got home, I was going to leave for the range and discovered my battery was nearly dead. I couldn’t get a jump from anyone so I took matters in my own hand. The multimeter said my battery was putting out 10.8 volts, but not quite enough to get the truck started. I turned off everything and pulled fuses of accessories to keep them from turning on with ignition and managed to get the truck started. Headed straight to the store to buy a battery charger. Had my battery tested, it has a dead cell. This incidentally explains some sagging voltage problems I was having. Put my tools to good use, replaced the battery and now I’m good to go.

Finally made it to the range. It was packed, interestingly there were a few cute tattooed up girls in ragged clohes. I guess the redneck thing to do on a Saturday night is to go shoot guns? Fired 100 rounds, it’s clear I’ve got some de-flinching to work on to tighten up my pattern at 15 yards. Of all the high three-digit dollar range things I’ve bought in my life, I have zero buyer’s remorse.

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