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Krav Maga

More Krav Maga tonight. This time warmups were back and forth sprints, then about 160-180 total squats with sets of dive bomber pushups. Those things were murder, my quads were crying for mercy. Today was mostly low and leg work. Low defensive punches, low punch defense, shuffle front-leg straight kicks, elbow punches, and combinations of all of them. The low punches and shuffle kick was awkward to get the hang of, I don’t think coach was ever satisified. If you’ve ever seen a boxer (or Rocky) squatting under to punch under a rope about chest high, that’s the gist of the low punches we were doing tonight.

Looking in the mirror now, it looks like I popped some capillaries under my eyes. I’ve got these patches of red freckle-ish spots. That’s a new one.

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