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Passed Technician tests

Yay! I passed my element 2 and element 3 amateur license tests! This will give me a Technician license whenever the FCC gets around to processing it over the next couple of weeks. When I solve Morse, I’ll be able to get my General license. They let me keep taking tests until I failed, so I took element 4 for the Extra Class. Some of it I knew, but the bulk was pure guesswork. I answered something like 27 out of 50 right, with 37 as passing. I would’ve been highly amused if I had accidentally passed it too.

I also ratted out my downstairs neighbors to apartment management for their yapping dogs. Happy day!

AMLI shafted me on my rent. Several weeks ago when I went in to ask about renewal I would swear the girl told me there was nothing to sign if I didn’t want to for renewal, it would keep on going. I told her to draw up whatever papers were necessary and I’d be in the next week to sign them. I never heard back so I thought it was a done deal. Yesterday I get the call saying my lease had reverted to month-to-month and I owed them an extra $150. I found out today they had already taken the money from my account, which makes it even less pointless to try fighting it. It’s annoying because even if I had tried, I’m positive they’d slide some fine print back over to me that protected them and my word was useless. Blah.

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