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The question (to myself) finally arose as to what I’m doing with my old Powerbook and why I don’t have a massive amount of storage in my apartment somewhere. So, last night I went to Fry’s and picked up a pair of 300 GB hard drives and a firewire enclosure. It’s proving a bit impractical, so I may just wind up building some Linux box to throw in the closet.

Apple’s iTV device really excites me. A lot. What are they doing waiting until 1Q 2007 to release it!

I found a page describing different grip strength training techniques. My wrists are decidedly weak, they’re the first to go when I do traditional palms-flat pushups. Also throwing left hooks sent a sharp pain down my wrist during class the other day. The sledge hammer weight work was clever, I haven’t seen that one before. I tried doing plate wrist curls with a 10 pound plate tonight. My wrists are so weak that I could barely do five. 23 years of keyboarding does that, I guess.

This weekend I’m going to give the Element 2 and 3 amateur radio tests a shot. I’m not fluent in Morse yet, but I figure I’ll get these two out of the way and at least be able have technician privileges.

I need to solve French so I can start on Arabic now.

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