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A fun night of Krav Maga tonight. My head wasn’t there or something and I kept messing up and not doing drills right. On Tuesday I clipped my partner in the nuts with a straight kick, not enough to hurt him, but enough to make him say “woah”. Tonight was my turn, I got accidentally kneed lightly to the nuts during a choke drill. Didn’t take me down, but enough to make step lightly. No running tonight, my quads are on fire from workouts earlier this week.

Today I was monitoring K5VPW, the local IRLP node. On the drive to class, I heard a guy from Las Vegas, then a few minutes later a guy from Melbourne, Australia come on. They were chatting back and forth about the weather and Vegas and Australia for a few minutes. It was so awesome hearing people so far away chatting away on a local node of all places!

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