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Tarheel antenna

I finally finished installing my new Tarheel antenna on the truck. I needed a way to mount it up on the bed rail for the best performance yet be able to easily fold it down to clear the parking garage at work. I spent all week looking for a fold-down mount that would readily mount to a truck bed rail, but no such thing exists. I solved the problem today by getting a Comet trunk-lip fold-down mount, cutting off the trunk lip and bolting it down to the bed rail. Bolting the untouched mount to the lip of the rail almost works, but there’s not enough clearance to fold the antenna down. Anyways, got it mounted an ran the coax to the radio.

Tarheel tuned to 80 meters
Little Tarheel II and 2m/70cm VHF/UHF antenna
Ham sexy! Scanner, CB, transciever

After getting the antenna installed, I tuned over to 14.100 MHz and finally heard the 4U1UN (New York UN), VE8AT (Extreme northern Canada), W6WX (California), IARU beacons. Sweet, finally!

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