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I didn’t plan my days off for Oklahoma very well. Hopefully I leave Thursday for Tulsa, and come back on Sunday after the run. This means that I’m going right back next Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Had I thought about it, I would’ve taken the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

I bought one of them thar new fangled phones this weekend. Amazingly it was even one without a camera! I’m going to give T-Mobile prepaid a try. I actually have better GSM signal than TDMA signal at my apartment. I’ll see what it’s like on the way to Oklahoma, then will probably port my number over to it.

I finished plotting the trail out of the Greenbelt today. I now have a complete path from my apt to work. It’s right at 4 miles from my apartment to the Barton Creek creekbed, another mile across the Greenbelt, then another mile and change to the office. It’s tame trail, there’s only a quarter mile of so of loose rock on an uphill climb.

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