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Route 66 run prep

In a hotel room in Tulsa just outside downtown. I swear this isn’t a by-the-hour place (it’s a Holiday Inn Express), but there’s a jacuzzi in the room next to the bed. That seems like weird placement. Overall a pretty shitty place for the money; a glorified Motel 6. Should’ve opted for La Quinta.

I picked up my packet today, I am bib # 5789. The forecast for 6 AM tomorrow is 32 F. It’s going to be so miserably cold, I love it. This afternoon I put in a easy 3 mile out and back run along Riverside. The Oklahoma Marathon was still winding down, at 6:37 there were a few stragglers still on the pavement. Tonight, I went out to Wal-Mart and bought some throw away clothes, then went out to Olive Garden for heaping dinner.

At Freescale, I wore my MH softshell which was nice at the beginning but after 4 miles I was sweating heavy which was making me even colder. I’m pondering what configuration I’m going to wear in the morning. This time I bought some small handwarmers I can tuck into my gloves to help.

I’m beat and look forward to crawing into bed.

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