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Earlier this year I came across some yearbooks from my school (Kinta High School) in the 1930s. Some belonged to my grandma, a couple from her brother that was killed right out of high school in WWII, and others loaned from family friends. I learned a few things in the process, such as the location and look of the old school buildings, the tea socials, the integration of the Lewisville school, and the impact of the war that crept into their pages. Earlier books had photos glued to the pages, hand colored title pages, and hand drawn ads!

I decided to scan them in so there were good electronic copies available for people to view. Dad also had quite a collection from the 50s, 60s, and beyond, so I started scanning those in too. In some years a yearbook was not published, usually to lack of budget; often the next year’s book will have a page devoted to the seniors that graduated the year no book was published. As I get time when I go home I’ll scan more.

What I have scanned so far is up on Flickr

I’ve tried to be complete and scan every page at least at 300 dpi, and I have only done little, if any, touch up work to them. The more recent ones aren’t as high a quality that I wanted (at least toward the inner edge), it was difficult to put them on a flatbed scanner without destroying the binding. I want these to be available to anyone without restraint. If they’re taken down from Flickr, I will host them on my own or find some other place for them. Tagging names on all the pages would be a nice to-do item!

Kinta Public Schools, Kinta High School, Kinta, Oklahoma

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