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Thefted firewood and rope

After my last camping trip, I was hauling around three boxes of leftover firewood, a 20 L water jug, and my camping chair in the back of my truck for a couple of weeks. After I left the Sharks game at SAP Center last night, I noticed it was all gone. It was a lot of stuff to move, I suspect somebody just lifted it out of my truck into theirs. They at least left the big jug of cat litter I had just bought.

Sure, leaving it back there it was bound to happen. It’s way better than having the truck itself broken into. I’m mostly annoyed that they got my water can, but oddly I’m more annoyed they stole my 20′ rope that was used to tie it all down with. I realized this morning they also got the 5′ of chain used for my rifle gong too. Who steals rope and chain?

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